Design Options

All Dragonflutes can be personalised as you wish. There are three options for engraving with soprano, Mammen Sorceror, Orcadian Dog, and The Guardians (one piece centre and foot) and alto sizes, Kungsåva Cat, Verne Man and Kelly’s Garden, see videos, or the body can be left undecorated. The option is also available for a silver dragon on the headjoint for blackwood recorders, and a bronze dragon for olivewood.

Designs are all by Lara Domeneghetti, and are inspired by and derived from Norse mythology. Designs are laser-cut, and infilled with micah loaded resin, not just a surface print, so they are long lasting.

Custom instruments will take up to 8 weeks to be made. I usually have some ready for direct sale, so please contact me for details.

The optional pick-up is by Rumberger Soundproducts,, the WP1-X condensor microphone, which is specially designed for woodwind instruments. The pick-up can be fitted by me, but for European customers it is best to contact Rumberger direct.

Soprano designs are Mammen Sorcerer, Orcadian Dog, and The Guardians,

Alto designs are Kungsåva Cat, Verne Man, and Kelly’s Garden .