• Annabel Knight

    Annabel Knight is currently head of recorder at The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, and teaches at every level from complete beginners through to young professional artists. She also plays with the Fontanella Recorder Quartet, and played with her husband Robin Bigwood in The Art of Moog and other collaborations.

  • Tali Rubinstein

    Photo - Sandra Emmeline

    Tali Rubinstein is a student of Bracha Kol, Tali was professionally trained in classical baroque and renaissance music from a young age. She studied in prestigious music institutions in Israel (Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts and Rimon School, The Buchmann-Mehta School of Music).

  • Piers Adams

    Piers Adams took the world of the recorder by storm from the beginning of his career with his group Red Priest and his current project Baroque Alchemy promises a similar journey. He is planning a series of videos using the Dragonflute.

  • Juho Mylylla

    Photo - Bart Treuren

    Juho Myllylä is a recorder player, guitarist, singer and songwriter. He studied recorders at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with Jorge Isaac, and graduated with a master’s degree in 2020. Juho works with the world-renowned renaissance recorder ensemble The Royal Wind Music since 2016.

  • Paya Lehane

    Paya Lehane lives in London but was born in the Czech Republic, and was considered to be a child prodigy recorder player since she was 4 years old. She has won many recorder competitions, with her teacher Jan Milde, and graduated at the Academy of Music in Brno and the Conservatory Pardubice, Czech Republic in wind instruments and history of music.

Dragon Flute by Tim Cranmore

Introducing the Dragon Flute, a hand crafted professional recorder for the discerning musician. Constructed from the finest materials, the instrument is the perfect choice for contemporary music.

The Dragon Flute is a wide bore, contemporary solo instrument with a full two octaves-plus range, and a strong tonal presence. Laser etched decorations by Lara Domeneghetti, and optional dragon ornament by Mark Brayley give a strong visual image if required. The instrument is designed to work with conventional recorder fingering without extra register keys or extensions, making it immediately accessible. The optional Rumberger WP-1X micro pickup can be fed directly into the sound desk for amplification.

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